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Our Top Picks: Bath Tub Essentials

As a small design house with several large projects on our plate, we get the need to unwind after a long day. For some it’s kicking their feet up and enjoying a favorite TV show, and for others, it’s being in good company over a well-prepared meal. But perhaps one of the most sought-after “happy places” of all time is a place not too far from home: the bath tub. Today we’re celebrating ways people wash away the stress of their day and cleanse themselves for the morning to come. Before you touch the faucet and grab the candles, make sure your bathroom oasis is packed with these five tub time essentials. 1. Soak the day away with this natural mineral blend from Barr-Co. Made of milk, oatmeal, vanilla, and vetiver, its known to soothe irritated skin and create a protective barrier to keep in moisture long…