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Best in Show: Behind the Cover

Rethink was happy to host and style the cover shoot for Savannah Magazine’s September/October issue. The “big idea” was to set the tone for the Best of Savannah party and hint at the Best in Show concept without giving too much away. Rethink wanted to blend the fun, poppy elements of the party’s decor with Savannah Magazine’s brand to create a cohesive sneak peek into one of the most anticipated events of the year. The end result for this “cover shoot cocktail” was comprised out of the following ingredients: Stratton Leopold (Owner of Leopold’s Ice Cream) in his top-notch seersucker suit, Rethink-designed award ribbons, and Stitch – our prime pooch (who is an actual American Kennel Club champ!). Here are some behind-the-scene shots of how the magic happened: A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible: Photographer Tim Willoughby Stylists Joel and Erika Snayd, Rethink Design Studio Stylists’ Assistants…


We wanted to share a little tip we used on the beach house project a few months back.  Remember that wide open loft space on the second floor with sleeping bays on each side?  Well, to create some privacy without sacrificing the light we gave each bed a set of drapes that could be closed completely to the outside room.  Instead of spending a fortune on custom drapes we used standard store-bought panels with grommet holes and made up the difference in height by adding sisal rope. The result is a casual but clean and nautical look…perfect for our white and airy loft space! It was easy, here’s how we went about it… Figure out the distance that needs to be added then practice with a long piece of rope to work out how much needs to be added to make up the knot itself.  Once you have a…

Roped In

Whether used for function or decoration rope demands your attention.  Fluid and strong- there is a natural beauty in rope’s simplicity. Try lightly coiling thick rope in glass vases as seen above for an easy tablescape. OR Take a cue from Thom Filicia: this Showhouse handrail is both statement and function. These are a few of my favorite rope ideas: 1.  Entwined Belt 2.  ch25 Chair 3.  Harborside Buoy Ottoman 4.  Lauren Daybed 5.  Rope Knot Necklace 6.  Bubble Chandelier 7.  Coiled Rope Knob 8.  Found My Animal Adjustable Rope Leash 9.  Judd Large Glass/Rope Cloche 10.  Rope & Nickel Tray