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Quiz: What Type of Dweller Are You?

Perhaps our favorite part of the job is getting to know the way our clients live and interact with their homes. Having designed for busy families and retiring couples alike, we know how important it is for design to both fit your needs as well as reflect a piece of your identity. Possibly the root of all our interiors is one simple question: How do you dwell? Take this simple quiz and discover what kind of space might best suit your lifestyle. When you’re finished, share your results on Facebook or Twitter (or both!) using one of the badges below and the hashtag #rethinkhowyoudwell.   1. It’s Summer time in the South. Your next weekend hangout spot is: A. A trip into town to soak up some rays while snagging the best deals. B. A trip to the park with the kids and pup in tow. C. Wherever your toes…