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September 23rd, 2011

Setting up for a hoe down!

Joel adjusting our pearl clad Rethink deer for Libbie’s book signing room.


Our dear friend Libbie Summers just released her brand new cookbook- The Whole Hog Cookbook (which is already in it’s second printing!) and we wanted to throw her a release party that really highlighted her playful personality and overall panache.  Starting with handmade pinwheels, a couple of pigs, custom doily “wallpaper”, burlap, and gingham galore we created a Girlie Fair theme as a backdrop for Libbie’s “pork for chicks” cookbook.  More on the party later when we upload all the pics.  Just wanted to give you a little hint of what we did for Libbie’s book signing room (where there was a line all night long…I know because I stood in it).    Buy the book- you’ll be happy you did!


February 24th, 2011

More Purple…Wallpaper

For those of you that really want a statement: Try a purple wallcovering on a feature wall or even a whole room.

When papering a feature wall: Try matching a color from the wallcovering to paint the other walls in the room- it will help create a more cohesive look.

If papering all walls: Don’t forget the ceiling!  It is a great opportunity to add drama or subtlety to a room.  Try using a grasscloth for a softer look or pull the same paper up to the ceiling to create the feeling of an envelope.

1. Fountain by Graham & Brown

2. Rostellan by Osborne & Little

3. Tree Bomb by Ferm Living

4. Squares by Ferm Living

5. Hand Made by Paper Boy

6. Malabar by Cole & Son

7. Best in Show by Osborne & Little

8. Kabloom by Flavor Paper

9. Chinese Dragon by Osborne & Little

February 18th, 2011

Sophisticated Purple

It recently came to my attention that, without even noticing, I had developed a grudge against purple.  I had started to to think of purple as this obnoxious bright grape color and nothing else- but it seems as though purple is making a comeback!  From fashion to home decor- all different shades of purple are making their mark.

Talk about a 180…while I don’t know that we’ll be designing a completely purple space any time soon, we have already incorporated some shots of dusky lavender and aubergine in two clients’ homes this month.  There is a moody sort of elegance about a deep or dusty purple that I love!  Here’s a little inspiration:

1.  Vintage Glass Cabochon Cuff by Gerard Yosca

2.  Royale Capri Clutch by Dareen Hakim

3.  Harlow Nesting Tables

4.  Minaret Fabric

5.  Kelli Violet Hide/ Polished Nickel Lamp by Arteriors

6.  Purple Baroque Style Mirror

7.  Prismatic Spring Pull

8.  Lulu Violet Porcelain Lamp by Arteriors

9.  Du Barry Velvet Fabric

10.  “Midnight” Drinkware

11.  Mulberry Chesterfield