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Chic Shelves in Three Simple Steps

You’ve finally found the bookshelf of your dreams and all seems right in the world – until you realize said bookshelf is empty. Standing tall in your library or living room with nothing to showcase but the price tag and perhaps a shipping kernel or two. And, your bookshelf is only a million accessory combinations away from being perfect. Where do you start? Let these three simple tips get you going, and if all else fails, we’ve got your back. Step #1: Symmetry Start by using larger accessories to anchor the shelf and add a sense of rhythm, seen above with a plaster urn and matching planters. Keeping a symmetrical pattern at eye level will make more “organic” styling look purposeful instead of chaotic. Step #2: Cohesive Variety Collect art and objects that differ in shape but share the same tonal values or subject matter. We curated a collage behind…

Quiz: What Type of Dweller Are You?

Perhaps our favorite part of the job is getting to know the way our clients live and interact with their homes. Having designed for busy families and retiring couples alike, we know how important it is for design to both fit your needs as well as reflect a piece of your identity. Possibly the root of all our interiors is one simple question: How do you dwell? Take this simple quiz and discover what kind of space might best suit your lifestyle. When you’re finished, share your results on Facebook or Twitter (or both!) using one of the badges below and the hashtag #rethinkhowyoudwell.   1. It’s Summer time in the South. Your next weekend hangout spot is: A. A trip into town to soak up some rays while snagging the best deals. B. A trip to the park with the kids and pup in tow. C. Wherever your toes…

Top Pins of the Week: Bringing The Outdoors In

If you’re not keen on relying on meteorologists for weather forecasting, have no fear; Pinterest is sure to tell you which season is swiftly approaching. Our most popular pins of the week strangely all had one common theme: blurring the lines between inside and out. And we don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want to wave goodbye to sullen grays and hello to vivid green? Follow us on Pinterest for more inspiring imagery to spring you out of your Winter slumber. Clockwise from top left: 1. Sliding Glass Doors / 2. DIY Brass Planters / 3. Outdoor Dining / 4. Clawfoot Tub / 5. Forest Print / 6. Sun-Soaked Bathroom  

Project Breakdown: Sofia

If you’ve been following the buzz recently, we just revealed our latest downtown project that houses a New York-native family of four. Having shared the youngest daughter’s territory in the shared third floor loft, this week we’re giving you a tour of Sofia’s room: a French-inspired space with pale hues and sophisticated pops of pattern. As with the rest of the house, Sofia’s room was originally painted a traditional Earth-tone with dark floors that swallowed up the space. With a hushed palette of tone-on-tone neutrals and playful patterns, this room went from dreary to dreamy. 1. Keep your bed from feeling boxed in with open side tables from Arteriors. The alternating glass and mirrored shelves allow you to see right through the antiquated iron frame, perfect for placing next to an adjacent wallpaper or window treatment without obstructing the view. 2. Ro Sham Beaux’s tall Patricia Table Lamp gives a stately presence to an otherwise…