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Sophisticated Purple

It recently came to my attention that, without even noticing, I had developed a grudge against purple.  I had started to to think of purple as this obnoxious bright grape color and nothing else- but it seems as though purple is making a comeback!  From fashion to home decor- all different shades of purple are making their mark. Talk about a 180…while I don’t know that we’ll be designing a completely purple space any time soon, we have already incorporated some shots of dusky lavender and aubergine in two clients’ homes this month.  There is a moody sort of elegance about a deep or dusty purple that I love!  Here’s a little inspiration: 1.  Vintage Glass Cabochon Cuff by Gerard Yosca 2.  Royale Capri Clutch by Dareen Hakim 3.  Harlow Nesting Tables 4.  Minaret Fabric 5.  Kelli Violet Hide/ Polished Nickel Lamp by Arteriors 6.  Purple Baroque Style Mirror 7. …

Trend – Round Mirrors

If there is one thing I have a design weakness for it is hardware.  For me it is all in the details!  You’ll see a wide range of hardware especially in things inspired by equestrian and nautical design. There seems to be a current interest in playing up hardware on the mirror.  I’m not complaining…I love it! This is a new product from Restoration Hardware and it is a fairly common form…but they’ve introduced the rope hanger.  The rope lends a somewhat casual air to the design but the large scale (about 3 ft diameter) packs a punch. • • I hope you’ll enjoy these various interpretations as much as I do. 1. Arteriors • 2. Jamie Young • 3. BDDW • 4. BDDW detail   • 5.  Casa Midy • 6. Conde House ←I dont know if this is the original inspiration for all of these mirrors but it must at least be…