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Our Top Moments of 2014

What a year. 2014 was chock-full of awesome friends, family, and projects. From top design markets in New York to intimate Savannah fetes, with far too many balloons than we have time to deflate, we had a blast mixing in playful, spur-of-the-moment projects with a few full home renovations and exciting commercial developments in our community. Check out our top five moments from 2014 and click through to learn a little more about our process: Have a project you want to run by us? Give us a shout and let’s start the conversation!

Project Breakdown: Sweet & Vicious

Local Savannah creative and long-time friend Libbie Summers has done it again. With years of experience both in the kitchen and on set, complimented by her award-winning food blog Salted and Styled, there’s no question as to whether Libbie was ready to tackle her second book release: Sweet & Vicious. A slight departure from The Whole Hog Cookbook (less pig and more pink), Sweet & Vicious is all about exploring new taste sensations in the realm of baking. However, still evident throughout its fuchsia “dipped” pages are some incredible stories from Libbie’s adventures in the world of sweet and savory concoctions.  To celebrate the recent release of Sweet & Vicious, Libbie knew we could capture the spirit of the book just as we had for The Whole Hog Cookbook. When she found the newly-renovated Whitman off of Forsyth Park, we loved the challenge of complimenting the historic architecture with bright and…

Artist Spotlight: Sweet & Vicious

We can’t think of anyone better to showcase for the latest Artist Spotlight than the super talented team behind Sweet & Vicious. Written and styled by Libbie Summers with stunning photography by Chia Chong, Sweet & Vicious is all about whipping up wicked-sweet creations in your kitchen that feature daring culinary combinations to delight your taste buds. The hundreds of recipes, elixirs, and extracts throughout the book aren’t even the best part; just try and keep a straight face as Libbie shares the conception of each and every bite along her journey from fierce foodie to culinary producer. For our Sweet & Vicious interior, we took inspiration from the bright and poppy photo behind Libbie’s Good and Plenty Cupcakes. The playful contrast between the bubblegum pink icing and daring black and white patterned blouse had us envisioning a young but fierce coming-of-age girl who’s not afraid to style…

Rethink Spotlight: Salted and Styled Blog

It’s always a pleasure collaborating with the powerhouse team behind Salted and Styled. Receivers of the 2013 IACP award for Best Food Blog, Writer/Stylist Libbie Summers with partner-in-crime Photographer Chia Chong have curated a blog that goes way beyond good eats. This week they’re focusing on the many facets of coconuts, and were kind enough to ask us to pull a few of our favorite interior spaces inspired by this stunning photo of coconut: Click on the image above to be taken to the full article.  Have you met the ladies behind Salted and Styled? Libbie Summers | Creator/Writer/Stylist Libbie Summers first earned her culinary chops below deck as a chef on private yachts—honing her baking skills under extreme weather and guest conditions. Today, Summers is an award-winning producer of imaginative lifestyle content for print and film clients including Condé Nast Traveler, Bon Appétit, Huffington…

Setting up for a hoe down!

Joel adjusting our pearl clad Rethink deer for Libbie’s book signing room. Our dear friend Libbie Summers just released her brand new cookbook- The Whole Hog Cookbook (which is already in it’s second printing!) and we wanted to throw her a release party that really highlighted her playful personality and overall panache.  Starting with handmade pinwheels, a couple of pigs, custom doily “wallpaper”, burlap, and gingham galore we created a Girlie Fair theme as a backdrop for Libbie’s “pork for chicks” cookbook.  More on the party later when we upload all the pics.  Just wanted to give you a little hint of what we did for Libbie’s book signing room (where there was a line all night long…I know because I stood in it).    Buy the book- you’ll be happy you did!