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Oh Baby… Organic Modernism!

We recently worked with a DIY client on her new baby’s nursery and it got us thinking… Why not create a great nursery space that has all the style of a grown up room? While our client had a baby girl, we put this particular room inspiration together with a baby boy in mind.    We pulled sophisticated furniture that is appropriate for any age as well as tactile (and often handmade) accessories that bring whimsy to the space.  Overall, we were going for a young and modern take on a woodsy cabin idea and this is what we came up with: 1.  The wallpaper is a graphic wood grain print in blue on a white background.  Try papering the whole room or just make one wall a feature. 2.  The handmade patchwork birds gathered on this Etsy mobile are so sweet and whimsical. 3.  This walnut and white sideboard…

Before & After: new life for an old wingback

We are constantly on the prowl for furniture in antique shops, yard sales or even discarded in a narrow Savannah alleyway.  We found this wingback chair over a year ago and loved the distinct hump at the top of the back.  We decided to emphasize this feature by adding a felt “blanket” to run from front to back.  We had been looking at belts as a layering and securing tool for a while and finally we had the perfect vehicle for it.  With an equestrian inspiration in mind we covered the chair in a tan houndstooth plaid and pulled the accent blue up to the blanket.  We used a total of 4 skinny belts on sale from Urban Outfitters to complete the look.  We also stripped the unique legs and base to reveal a raw lighter wood which we added depth to by washing with a watered down milk paint.…

Urban Hip- unisex accessories (and bike)

I love menswear inspired fashions on women and these days things are getting more and more ambiguous.  Accessories, especially, seem to be easily shared between men and women alike.  While pulling this list together,  I noticed a few commonalities between the items- leather, tailoring, a sort of simplicity that embodies both sophistication and casualness, and just a touch of nostalgia. 1.  R6 Gyro Bag 2.  Levi’s Japan Vintage Elk Leather Suspenders 3.  iPad Sleeve- Grey wool felt & brown leather 4.  Uniform Wares 200 Series Calendar Wristwatch 5.  NYC Vintage Cruiser 6.  The Hill-Side Selvedge Lightweight Gingham Check Scarf 7.  Paul Smith Felt Trilby Hat 8.  Ray Ban RB4125 CATS 5000 sunglasses 9.  Tonia Welter München USB bracelet