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Crocodile Kid

Growing from little to big is an adventure in itself, which is why it pays to be prepared for whatever monster may jump into your path. For creepy critters with sharp teeth and scaly tails, we’re going incognito with items for casa and kid that take the fright out of creatures in the night: Sources: 1. This Raindrops fabric by Donna Wilson guarantees no crocodile tears will be shed when used for a pair of shams or impromptu pillow forts. Made of lightweight cotton, this sold-by-the-yard fabric is printed in the historical silk town of Macclesfield in the UK. Click here for more mom-worthy finds. 2. Keep hidden from scales and tails until morning inside Land of Nod’s cargo tepee. Two large pockets are perfect for holding your field guide and extra pair of safari socks. 3. Fine Little Day’s new Gran pillow in indigo remind us of sharp pearly…

Rye Turns Two

The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” could not hold more true for Rye Snayd. His smile and laughter is what keeps the studio going when times get hectic, and we could not be more proud of him as he grows into the happiest kid around. We recently had the pleasure of taking some time away from the studio to celebrate little man’s second year of life. Here are some of our favorite moments of the evening, captured by Izzy Hudgins Photography.