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October 9th, 2012

Project Breakdown: Gentleman’s Club


Last week we shared the celebration of both our latest Rethink member along with Joel’s birthday with party decor themed around a gentleman’s club. As is with most of our small events, this party was put together using simple DIY tricks and various vintage finds. Our advice? Always keep a lookout for unique, quality pieces that can be reused or up cycled into crucial event decor. With a little creativity, a stack of suitcases becomes a side table; an old crate becomes a candy bar; those old mason jars become table centerpieces. Who says parties on a budget can’t take the spotlight?



Rethink Tips:

When to spend: Photographer, Caterer, Music

When to save: Decor, Take-Aways, Invites*

*We used Overnight Prints to order our custom invites cheap and quick – but don’t be fooled. To actually get anything overnight is pretty pricey. We recommend allowing yourself 2-3 weeks to get the best deal.


Download our invites (with space to personalize your event) here!

Note: We’ve formatted the invites to print a 4×6 greeting card on Overnight Prints


If the thought of a proper evening affair sends your top hat into a spin, not to worry! We’ve compiled a list of items needed to keep guests coming your way and worries at bay:



Download the party checklist to keep your planning a breeze. In case you missed it, grab our custom paper bow-ties and invites. Going for a different color scheme? Cut out a bow tie and trace over any patterned paper you’d like for a fully-customized fete.

Love the look? See how we used this theme in a nursery spread.



May 4th, 2011

Spring Terrain

Spring is here!  And let me just say… I L-O-V-E spring.  It’s as though the end of winter is the weight off your shoulders that you never even knew was there.  As soon as little green buds start to accumulate everywhere I am instantly transformed.  I want to be outside: gardening, puttering, playing fetch with the dogs, planning a party, cooking and creating a delectable mixed drink for said party, etc…

In my mind there is one place that is especially good at catering to this feeling: Terrain at Styer’s.  Take a look- you wont regret it.


Terrain is a shop in Glen Mills, PA and while I’ve never been there I have been to their fabulous website.  Clean and fresh, their web site is just an addendum to their extensive storefront.  They carry home accessories, kitchen goodies, garden supplies, vintage finds, and plants galore.  Their styling is so well done- eye grabbing and casual all at once.  Take a look at their original site to see examples of their landscape design, check out their cafe and see what workshops are being offered.


These are just a few of the things I’d have in my basket: (If I were there with a car it would be an entirely different story!)


1.  Ceramic Vegetable Labels (black typewriter font on white ceramic- gorgeous)

2.  Underground Clock

3.  Spindle Planter

4.  Enamel Factory Pendant

5.  Black Hawaiian Sea Salt (not sure what I’m going to put this on, but pretty sure it’s going to be great)

6.  Slate Tray (for cheese and crackers OR for a cluster of potted plants wrapped in newsprint and twine)

7.  Slate Cheese Board

8.  Red Stripe Tablecloth

9.  Fast, Fresh & Green (you had me at fast…)



April 19th, 2011

Chalkboards aren’t just for children

There is just something about chalkboards that bring you back to childhood. It is sad to think with so many new products available, such as dry erase boards, kids today may not get to experience the “click”, “click”, and “SCREECH” associated with chalk. Or, witness the pounding of erasers and the clouds of dust left behind. But who’s to say all the fun is gone? There are many ways to keep chalk alive in your everyday life. Check out some of the ideas below for incorporating blackboards into your home, office and garden. Whether you like the look of white on a crisp black or if you find something nostalgic in the ghostly white wash left over after a cleaning – there is no doubt you’ll find an idea that suits your needs.

If using labels – remember the more you have the higher the impact and the more organized you look =)

High impact doesn’t need to mean high dollar – with a little patience you can create a wall that serves as both function and art.

Get creative – the placemats were drawn simply on black craft paper (tip: use an existing placemat and trace around it for consistency) OR get the family together to create your next birthday invite or Happy New Year’s card

1.  Chalkboard Labels

2.  Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Organization

3.  DIY Chalkboard Calender

4.  Blackboard Garden Labels

5.  DIY Chalkboard Placemat Tablecloth

6.  Chalkboard Globe

7.  DIY Magazine Organizers

8.  DIY Save the Date Invite