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Lions, Tigers, and Bears – Oh Yes!

It seems that deer aren’t the only animals roaming the faux taxidermy forests these days. Felt, paper mache, and even crochet are adorning the likes of these domestic beasts and we are loving every second of it. Below are a few animal heads we’ve been collecting for some time now that add the rustic feel to your home without the taxidermy guilt. Clockwise from top left: Felt Menagerie Paper Mache Stag Head White Resin Ram Lion Head Crochet Gazelle Turquoise Zebra

Woodland Wonderland

Everyone knows that holidays are the time for family, friends, and our personal favorite – parties! Circa Lighting asked us to throw them an employee party worth talking about. We decided to create a Winter Wonderland with a woodland spin full of old crates, tons of trees, and terrariums galore. Guests began the festivities in a cabin-like setting, and were directed to a snow-white winter wonderland towards the end of the night for dancing and good times. Check out some of our favorite pieces from the décor that really made this event special.

Setting up for a hoe down!

Joel adjusting our pearl clad Rethink deer for Libbie’s book signing room. Our dear friend Libbie Summers just released her brand new cookbook- The Whole Hog Cookbook (which is already in it’s second printing!) and we wanted to throw her a release party that really highlighted her playful personality and overall panache.  Starting with handmade pinwheels, a couple of pigs, custom doily “wallpaper”, burlap, and gingham galore we created a Girlie Fair theme as a backdrop for Libbie’s “pork for chicks” cookbook.  More on the party later when we upload all the pics.  Just wanted to give you a little hint of what we did for Libbie’s book signing room (where there was a line all night long…I know because I stood in it).    Buy the book- you’ll be happy you did!