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Our Top Picks: Objet Noir

From vessels to interesting objects, accessories are what bring personal touches into a space. When looking to make a strong impact, less is more; choose a few items with bold color and interesting shape versus too many. In our years of practice, nothing cuts through a tablescape or bookcase like a stroke of black. Leave the tchotchkes at grandma’s house and let a dark silhouette make a strong statement with our top picks below: Sources 1. 3-Piece Pyramid Object Set – Dwell Studio / 2. Horace – Made Goods / 3. Bitters Bottle – Michele Varian / 4. Branch Annona Vase – Barneys / 5. Smythson Panama Watch Box – Barneys / 6. 3-Piece Star Objet Set – Dwell Studio / 7. Iron Bird – Jonathan Adler

Rye Turns Two

The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” could not hold more true for Rye Snayd. His smile and laughter is what keeps the studio going when times get hectic, and we could not be more proud of him as he grows into the happiest kid around. We recently had the pleasure of taking some time away from the studio to celebrate little man’s second year of life. Here are some of our favorite moments of the evening, captured by Izzy Hudgins Photography.

Mantle Mantra

With all this talk of a “Southern Freeze”, we have our minds wandering to warmer places. What better way to catch up on good conversation and even better company than around an open fire? Take a look through some of our favorite fireplace settings to date and learn a few tricks on how to turn your hearth into something worth bragging about. We pulled home accessories that bring out the deep violet tones of the ceramic tile surround. Offset dark hues with a tertiary color like this subtle mint green to keep the space looking fresh. Go bold with a stark white mantle, bringing pops of color in through a surround or dark hearth. The stacked fireplaces in this historic downtown home left this room with a quirky, off-center surround. We then played off this asymmetry by centering the mirror to the actual opening and filled the empty…

Happy Holidays from Rethink

Holidays at Rethink are busy because we tend to put a greater focus on our clients than ourselves this time of year. But sometimes, as we share below, we get to carve out a quiet afternoon to enjoy each other’s company and even have a few slices of homemade pumpkin bread. In addition to spending time with friends and family, we like to reflect on the studio’s progress and potential for the future. Since this time last year, we’ve had the privilege to transform several residences throughout Savannah as well as jump into an exciting new cafe right in the heart of downtown. With a few events sprinkled in between like a celebration of the city and a cozy holiday party, there’s no doubt we had our work cut out for us. In the end, we grew as a studio and look forward to what the new year will bring.…

Camp Circa 2013

When Circa Lighting asked us to turn their new warehouse space into a cozy holiday party, we were excited to take on the challenge. Using the adjacent lot as inspiration for an outdoors event that focused on getting back to nature, we staged a camp-like space where Circa’s hard-working “scouts” could relax around an open fire and regale on this year’s finest moments. With an old, rusted canoe, two trailers of hay, and a sea of candlelit mason jars, we gave the folks at Circa a camp experience worth writing home about. Take a look at some of our favorite event details captured by Izzy Hudgins Photography: