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May 4th, 2011

Spring Terrain

Spring is here!  And let me just say… I L-O-V-E spring.  It’s as though the end of winter is the weight off your shoulders that you never even knew was there.  As soon as little green buds start to accumulate everywhere I am instantly transformed.  I want to be outside: gardening, puttering, playing fetch with the dogs, planning a party, cooking and creating a delectable mixed drink for said party, etc…

In my mind there is one place that is especially good at catering to this feeling: Terrain at Styer’s.  Take a look- you wont regret it.


Terrain is a shop in Glen Mills, PA and while I’ve never been there I have been to their fabulous website.  Clean and fresh, their web site is just an addendum to their extensive storefront.  They carry home accessories, kitchen goodies, garden supplies, vintage finds, and plants galore.  Their styling is so well done- eye grabbing and casual all at once.  Take a look at their original site to see examples of their landscape design, check out their cafe and see what workshops are being offered.


These are just a few of the things I’d have in my basket: (If I were there with a car it would be an entirely different story!)


1.  Ceramic Vegetable Labels (black typewriter font on white ceramic- gorgeous)

2.  Underground Clock

3.  Spindle Planter

4.  Enamel Factory Pendant

5.  Black Hawaiian Sea Salt (not sure what I’m going to put this on, but pretty sure it’s going to be great)

6.  Slate Tray (for cheese and crackers OR for a cluster of potted plants wrapped in newsprint and twine)

7.  Slate Cheese Board

8.  Red Stripe Tablecloth

9.  Fast, Fresh & Green (you had me at fast…)



March 25th, 2011

Before & After: new life for an old wingback

We are constantly on the prowl for furniture in antique shops, yard sales or even discarded in a narrow Savannah alleyway.  We found this wingback chair over a year ago and loved the distinct hump at the top of the back.  We decided to emphasize this feature by adding a felt “blanket” to run from front to back.  We had been looking at belts as a layering and securing tool for a while and finally we had the perfect vehicle for it.  With an equestrian inspiration in mind we covered the chair in a tan houndstooth plaid and pulled the accent blue up to the blanket.  We used a total of 4 skinny belts on sale from Urban Outfitters to complete the look.  We also stripped the unique legs and base to reveal a raw lighter wood which we added depth to by washing with a watered down milk paint.

See the below wingback transformation from Inspiration to Implementation.


It’s important not to get too “themey”.  We kept this setting from looking too “hunting lodge” by pairing the chair with some other vintage elements but maintaining the crisp modern feel of the white loft space.



Inspiration image provided by Country Living

Hand dyed felt by Purl Bee


May 6th, 2010

Clean & Modern vs. Town & Country