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January 29th, 2015

Chic Shelves in Three Simple Steps


How To Style A Bookshelf - Rethink Design Studio Blog


You’ve finally found the bookshelf of your dreams and all seems right in the world – until you realize said bookshelf is empty. Standing tall in your library or living room with nothing to showcase but the price tag and perhaps a shipping kernel or two. And, your bookshelf is only a million accessory combinations away from being perfect. Where do you start? Let these three simple tips get you going, and if all else fails, we’ve got your back.


How To Style A Bookshelf - Rethink Design Studio Blog


Step #1: Symmetry

Start by using larger accessories to anchor the shelf and add a sense of rhythm, seen above with a plaster urn and matching planters. Keeping a symmetrical pattern at eye level will make more “organic” styling look purposeful instead of chaotic.


Step #2: Cohesive Variety

Collect art and objects that differ in shape but share the same tonal values or subject matter. We curated a collage behind the shelf to make it appear larger and add visual interest. All of the frames have at least a hint of gold and capture art with mostly negative space. If you find there’s an item that looks like the black sheep of the collection, group multiples of a similar object close by to bring it all together, like we did with small marble votives on the top and middle shelves.


Step #3: Odd One Out

Grouping accessories can be tough. How much is too much? As a general rule of thumb, choosing an odd number (like three or five) keeps groups from looking excessive. Bonus points if these items differ in height, as seen below with the geometric sculptures we placed next to a simple marsh painting.


How To Style A Bookshelf - Rethink Design Studio Blog


The key mantra to a well-curated shelf is “less is more”. When in doubt, subtract the accessories by half and play with what you have left. If you find yourself stumped, give us a shout in the comments below or contact us directly. We’d be happy to help you out!


Rethink Design Studio Blog

January 21st, 2015

Quiz: What Type of Dweller Are You?


What Type of Dweller Are You? Interior Design Personality Quiz by Rethink Design Studio. #rethinkhowyoudwell


Perhaps our favorite part of the job is getting to know the way our clients live and interact with their homes. Having designed for busy families and retiring couples alike, we know how important it is for design to both fit your needs as well as reflect a piece of your identity. Possibly the root of all our interiors is one simple question: How do you dwell?

Take this simple quiz and discover what kind of space might best suit your lifestyle. When you’re finished, share your results on Facebook or Twitter (or both!) using one of the badges below and the hashtag #rethinkhowyoudwell. 


 1. It’s Summer time in the South. Your next weekend hangout spot is:

A. A trip into town to soak up some rays while snagging the best deals.

B. A trip to the park with the kids and pup in tow.

C. Wherever your toes can dig into the sand and the ocean is nearby.


2. You’re having guests come to visit and need to make dinner arrangements. Your plan of action is to:

A. Make a reservation at the newest fine dining restaurant and be sure your favorite bottle of wine is available.

B. Head to the grocery store with well-planned grocery list in tow. Maybe a no-mess dessert all the kids can create together?

C. Grab a few large pizzas and bust out the board games for a casual night with good friends.


3. Your idea of the perfect family vacation is:

A. An all-expense paid trip to Greece with several spa treatments on the schedule.

B. Disney World, of course!

C. A quaint cottage near the beach where you can rent cruisers and work on that volleyball serve.


4. It’s time to start renovations on your house. Your dream design feature would be:

A. Private guest quarters well-equipped with every modern luxury.

B. A large kitchen island where the family can eat, do homework, and spend quality time together at the start and end of each day.

C. An outdoor shower so that the day’s activities stay outside and not onto the carpet.


5. After a crazy hectic day at work, your favorite way to unwind is:

A. Making a cocktail and putting on your favorite playlist.

B. Drawing a relaxing bath, lighting a few candles, and washing away the day.

C. Curling up on the couch with the kids and watching a movie.






If you answered mostly A’s

What Type of Dweller Are You? Interior Design Personality Quiz by Rethink Design Studio. #rethinkhowyoudwell

More spaces that suit how you dwell: West Perry Street, Harris Street

If you answered mostly B’s

What Type of Dweller Are You? Interior Design Personality Quiz by Rethink Design Studio. #rethinkhowyoudwell

More spaces that suit how you dwell: Bartow Point Drive, Country Club Drive

If you answered mostly C’s

What Type of Dweller Are You? Interior Design Personality Quiz by Rethink Design Studio. #rethinkhowyoudwell

More spaces that suit how you dwell: 10th Place

Don’t forget to share you results with hashtag #rethinkhowyoudwell. We’ll be featuring some of the results on our Twitter!

Rethink Design Studio Blog

January 8th, 2015

Our Top Picks: Bath Tub Essentials


5 Cleanse-Worthy Bath Tub Essentials to unwind, detox, and wash the day away. Rethink Design Studio


As a small design house with several large projects on our plate, we get the need to unwind after a long day. For some it’s kicking their feet up and enjoying a favorite TV show, and for others, it’s being in good company over a well-prepared meal. But perhaps one of the most sought-after “happy places” of all time is a place not too far from home: the bath tub. Today we’re celebrating ways people wash away the stress of their day and cleanse themselves for the morning to come. Before you touch the faucet and grab the candles, make sure your bathroom oasis is packed with these five tub time essentials.


5 Cleanse-Worthy Bath Tub Essentials to unwind, detox, and wash the day away. Rethink Design Studio



1. Soak the day away with this natural mineral blend from Barr-Co. Made of milk, oatmeal, vanilla, and vetiver, its known to soothe irritated skin and create a protective barrier to keep in moisture long after bath time is over.

2. Think of your bath mat as a right of passage and plant your feet onto Coyuchi’s Diamond Pebble Rug. It’s plush, 100% cotton weave is springy underfoot and finished with a clean hem detail.

3. Sparrow and Co may have named this their “Drawing Room Candle“, but we believe some of the greatest ideas come from when we are most relaxed and centered. Grab a few to place around the bath for the ambient lighting your creativity craves.

4. If your happy place tends to hold more than just the thoughts and problems of the day, take use of this reclaimed wood tub caddy from Peg and Awl. Simply rest it across your tub to keep your books from soaking along with you.

5. Don’t let the luxury end when you unplug the drain. Treat yourself to a royal rub-down with Fog Linen Work’s Herringbone Cotton Towel. The cotton is super absorbent and the built-in laundry tag allows for easy hanging.




December 9th, 2014

On Site with Rethink

We’d love to think that most of our work is done in our chic new studio, creative juices flowing and sketchpad always at hand. However, our real strength comes in the execution; the ability to provide quality control while on site and to make sure that the ‘creative juices’ get turned into a real, tangible space that goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations. To give you a further look into our typical day to day, we’ve put together a few snapshots taken these past few weeks that give tribute to the real magic: seeing our designs come to life.


On Site with Rethink - Rethink Design Studio Blog



In need of a room redo or have a new development on the rise? Feel free to contact us:

You can also view our portfolio here.

August 7th, 2014

Back To School


School's In Session: Contemporary Office Design - Rethink Design Studio Blog


If you follow us on Facebook, you heard some exciting news last week about our new office space; a renovated three-story school house on the Eastside (above). As renovation takes way to turn a single floor of individual classrooms into a collaborative studio, we can’t help but pull interior elements that evoke the back-to-school vibe. Because we move in this Fall, there couldn’t be better timing to think about notepads and freshly sharpened pencils to deck out the new studio. For a fresh schoolhouse look of your own, here are our top picks for an office space that’s sure to bring home straight-A’s.


School's In Session: Contemporary Office Design - Rethink Design Studio Blog


1. Sharpen those geography skills well before the first bell rings with the new Cities Wallpaper by Rifle Paper Co. Hand-illustrated skylines of famous cities are printed on a parchment background, perfect for a desk nook.

2. This olive green compartment tray from School House Electric is sure to bring you back to long lunch lines and chocolate milk straight from the carton. We love the idea of using it to hold desk accessories and knick knacks.

3. You won’t mind counting down the hour with this handsome wall clock from Lemnos. The molded plywood frame keeps it lightweight and reminiscent of old classroom desks.

4. Keep textbooks and references in order with Pigeon and Poodle’s set of three caged baskets. Metal handles allow for easy transport and integrated name plates are perfect for custom labeling.

5. The GI Joe lunchbox has been reincarnated into this smooth olive green desk chair byWhite on White. Added bonus? The molded fiberglass seat will make waiting for recess a little less painful.

6. Never forget an assignment with Sideshow Press’ desktop accessories, inspired by 1950s stationery. Check out their full array of colorful options to make your desk space truly your own.

7. West Elm’s Mid-Century Desk in white is a modern spin on the classic teacher’s desk. With tapered legs and three drawers, this piece is one apple away from being the perfect combination of form and function.

8. Shed light on your late-night studies with this school bus yellow table lamp from Caravan Pacific. All of their lighting is handmade in the USA and fully customizable.