Canine and Kid: Neutral


There’s rarely a stronger bond than a boy and his pup. That’s why today we are launching a new series on the blog: Canine and Kid. We aim to bring you the best of what’s current in worlds both four-legged and two. Here are some of our favorite neutral finds to kick off the series:


kid canine neutral


1. Make sure the ball is the only thing being fetched with these super-cozy Dungarees from Sweden-based Lindex. The built-in suspenders and ribbed ankles will have your little bug oh-so-snug.

2. Walk your dog in style with an on-trend geometric leash from See Scout Sleep. The extra loops and trigger snaps are perfect for attaching your keys or letting Fido wait outside while you grab your morning coffee (and a snack for babe).

3. Hand-embroidery shop Sleepy King adds just enough whimsy to your kid’s space with this Fig The Fox pillow. The simple palette keeps it gender neutral and perfect for a large playroom or cozy nursery.

4. This crochet branch toy is something both kid and canine will fight over. The best part? It’s completely machine washable – let the applesauce and drool battle begin.

5. With both baby and Bowser in hand, we know how tough it is to travel lightly. Introducing the compact travel bed from Cloud 7. If this starts to double as a changing table on-the-go, your secret is safe with us.

6. Measure the growth of your little pup’s paws with this large wooden space rocket ruler. It doubles as a toy to occupy the little one while you’re cleaning up after the other.

7. There’s nothing more classic than a pair of Converse, but don’t let the white sway you: the solid leather surface keeps this tiny pair of chucks fully wipeable.



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