Artist Spotlight: Izzy Hudgins

This post is the second of a new series here on the Rethink blog: Artist Spotlight. As Savannah continues to nurture a strong creative community, what better way to celebrate and support our neighbors than to use their work as inspiration for interiors?

Today we bring you into the life and work of local photographer Izzy Hudgins. If you’re a big Rethink fan, you’ve seen us feature her work in the Gentleman’s Club party which we can’t stop browsing through again and again. Izzy has recently finished a (never before seen) shoot entitled Gothic Romance that’s filled with moody portraits and wonderfully morbid scenery. Check out some of her latest work along with a closer look into the life of a local Savannah creative below:



ARTIST Q&A: Izzy Hudgins


How did you get into photography?

I started photography in high school and it quickly became my passion.  Taking pictures of people is my favorite and I love bringing an editorial edge to my portraiture.  I further developed my craft while attending SCAD and received my BFA in photography.  Since then I have been traveling the world with my camera photographing awesome people and places.

What makes a good photo?

LIGHT! Amazing light can turn anything into a great photograph.  Also emotion – whether it be bringing out genuine emotion in your subjects or an emotional connection you make with a photograph itself.  Art is always stronger and more meaningful when there’s that connection behind it.

What’s the story behind Gothic Romance?

My travels have given me an endless collection of amazing landscapes and architecture photos but that’s too easy.  I thought a portrait would be more fun and challenging! This shoot was dreamt up by myself and Audrey of French Knot Studios.  We wanted to create a dreamy, eerie, Romantic Gothic styled wedding shoot in honor of Halloween.  We fell in love with a color palette of creamy blush tones accented with inky blues, greens and reds.  We used animal elements like feathers, skins, bones and antlers and also made references to Edgar Allen Poe.  These colors and elements would make for a killer interior!!

Photography aside, what is your passion?

I have a few – Traveling has been my life.  I lived abroad for three years and have visited 28 countries.  I am very thankful that my husband and I have never given ourselves limits to what we think we can achieve.  I’m also a complete foodie and pretty much a fat kid at heart – cheese, olives and wine being my absolute favorites!

What advice do you have for aspiring professional photographers?

Never stop learning.  It’s a never ending process.  You have to push yourself to get better and better.  Lucky for us, people are very generous in sharing.  Creative Live has been a huge resource for me.  Make friends with local photographers and assist them.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without a couple of photographers taking me under their wing.  Also look outside of photography for inspiration.  Its easy to immerse yourself in the photographic world but you’ll get further creatively by challenging yourself in other ways.  And above all, be yourself.  In a world of so many photographers, the only thing you really have that’s unique is YOU – use that to your advantage!


Stay tuned tomorrow to see how we used Izzy’s latest work as inspiration for interiors!

Be sure to connect with Izzy Hudgins on her website  and Facebook.




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