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September 27th, 2012

Best in Show: Behind the Cover


Rethink was happy to host and style the cover shoot for Savannah Magazine’s September/October issue. The “big idea” was to set the tone for the Best of Savannah party and hint at the Best in Show concept without giving too much away. Rethink wanted to blend the fun, poppy elements of the party’s decor with Savannah Magazine’s brand to create a cohesive sneak peek into one of the most anticipated events of the year. The end result for this “cover shoot cocktail” was comprised out of the following ingredients: Stratton Leopold (Owner of Leopold’s Ice Cream) in his top-notch seersucker suit, Rethink-designed award ribbons, and Stitch – our prime pooch (who is an actual American Kennel Club champ!).

Here are some behind-the-scene shots of how the magic happened:

A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible:


Tim Willoughby


Joel and Erika Snayd, Rethink Design Studio

Stylists’ Assistants

Erica Kelly

Sarah Jennings

Aeriel Whitworth

Seersucker Suit

J. Parker Ltd.


Harley Ashbaugh, AWD of Savannah

and of course the Savannah Magazine crew.




The leash you see above was a fun, last-minute addition to keep our cover canine looking like a true “top dog.” It only takes a little time and hardly any materials, and you’ll be sure to get compliments on your newly-adorned pooch!

Materials Used:

– Sisal rope

– Ribbon (optional)

– Office clip

– Scissors

– Hot glue gun

(ribbon tassels not included)

Step 1. Measure the length of your pet’s current leash and cut three strands of sisal rope to size. Add an extra foot and a half to account for handle length and the braiding.

Step 2. Take the strands and secure the ends with an office clip so they stay together when you begin to braid.

**Rethink tip: We added a hint of fuchsia by braiding a strand of ribbon along with the rope – experiment with different colors and materials you can intertwine into your leash!

Step 3. Once you reach just about the end of the rope, stop your braid and glue about 3-4 inches of straight rope together.

Step 4. Add your leash hook to the end of the rope.

Step 5. Take the straight-edged rope and fold over the hook to secure. Hot glue the loop together.

Step 6. To hide the glueing, we took twine and tied it around the meeting point. Carefully hot glue the ends of the twine onto the leash for a clean finish.

Step 7. Now it’s time to make your handle! Unclip the braided end and hot glue the strands together, just as you did the other end.

Step 8. Measure between 12-14 inches and fold the rope over itself. Make sure the loop feels right in your hand, and hot glue the end to the rest of the leash.

Step 9. Finish your handle off with a nice ribbon to help hide the glue work.

Step 10. Enjoy your fabulous new Best in Show leash!

**Rethink note: Our leash served as a photo shoot prop — we only recommend this leash for medium to small dogs that don’t tend to pull.



September 26th, 2012

Project Breakdown: Best In Show

image via savannah magazine 


Were you seen mingling with Savannah’s elite at Savannah Magazine’s Best In Show party? The Rethink team had such a blast watching our Best In Show concept come to life that we wanted to share some insight on how it all came into play. Best In Show began from imagery of high class society and their ever-so-important clubhouse activities (see our original Pinterest board here). We loved the irony found in dressing to the nines while playing sport or having such pride over winning a masculine trophy for your prized poodle. Everything in the Best In Show world had to be high-brow, over the top, and a little cheeky. We combined classic “winner” symbols such as trophies, ribbons, and banners and increased their scale as large as possible to celebrate the “Best of” winners with a bit of humor. In the end, we wanted guests to feel as if their award had elevated them into this elite, secret society where they could celebrate with the finest menu, drinks, and of course a good ol’ game of croquet.


Here is the inspiration board that started it all:


Perhaps the biggest feature of the Best In Show party was our large trophy wall behind the main bar. With over 200 trophies and 24″ gold-glittered letters, we wanted a feature wall that would both welcome the guests and glorify the winners. Guests had a chance to mingle under a sea of balloons and be surrounded by glitter ribbon tassles, all in effort to transform the brick event space into a “winner” wonderland. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos we snatched during setup:



View more photos captured by Savannah Magazine here:


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September 11th, 2012

Project Breakdown: Lounge-Worthy Living Room


A young family approached us wanting to refresh and rejuvenate their home that can adapt to them as they grow. Their current space needed depth and a mood that allowed for comfortable living. Using a mature, monochromatic paint scheme, we toned down the architectural elements of the space to give one, cohesive presence and used texture for visual interest. See how we transformed a southern home into a cozy living space off the Savannah River:



1. We specified a feather down package for this sofa rather than a traditional Dacron to achieve a more luxurious feel. Cover in a heavy, neutral linen for a look that lasts.

2. Make house plants a family activity by layering the elements. We combined sand, rock, and soil for nature that doubles as art.

3. This custom-designed walnut coffee table has a low enough profile to pay respect to the room’s true feature – the fireplace.

4. We combined the first and second story windows with a treatment that continued through both spaces. Add a border to the bottom where the window sill starts to accent the architecture.

5. Floor poufs are a fun way to add seating without taking up space. The homeowners’ two younger daughters now have seats of their own that act as part of the decor.

6. The herringbone cowhide rug served as the inspirational palette for the entire space. Mixing greys and browns allowed us to bring in elements both warm and cool.

7. What was once a stark, white fireplace turned into a piece of architecture by using paint similar in tone to the brick work.

8. The existing heart of pine floor was toned down with the use of a mature, monochromatic color scheme. Use a rug to separate other wood elements like the coffee table to keep the space cohesive.




Window Treatment: Kravet

Window Treatment Trim: Travis & Co.

Sofa: Arcanum

Stools: CB2

Knitted Poufs: CB2

Rug: Yerra

Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Herbal Escape 1487

Fireplace Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Sage Mountain 1488

Flooring: Heart of Pine