Cover It Up!

Candle covers can be often forgotten when a chandelier is getting freshened up. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to add a pop of color to your light fixture with the help of some sweet textiles. We found this decorative paper on sale at our local art supply store and knew we could use it for something! To find nice paper in your area or online, check out Paper Source, Utrecht or Paper Studio. Click here to order additional candle covers and keep fresh looks ready on the back burner.



Materials needed:

– Candle covers

– Spray adhesive

– Scissors

– Paper of your choice

– Scrap paper


Step 1. Cut a template using a scrap piece of paper that you can base the rest of your covers on. Measure the length of the candle covers to start, and wrap the scrap piece of paper around the covers to eyeball the width.

Step 2. Once you have the template, place the piece on top of your chosen decorative paper and trace its outline.

Step 3. Cut out your new candle cover.

Step 4. Making sure to place a scrap piece of cardboard or newspaper down, spray the backside of the candle cover with spray adhesive.

Step 5. Align the edges of the paper to your candle cover and slowly roll the paper onto your cover.


**Rethink Tip: Make sure to leave about 1/8″ of space at the top to reduce any risk of fire hazard.

Step 6. Fold the excess length on the bottom around the edges of the cover for a nice even look.

Step 7. Secure the covers on your chandelier and enjoy a fresh new look to your space!


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