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June 27th, 2012

Etsy Finds: Vintage Goodies


Don’t get us wrong – we love spending hours scouring the local antique markets to find a unique vintage piece that can either be restored or up-cycled into something new. But, sometimes it is nice to have someone else do the work for you. The “Vintage” section of Etsy’s website is a favorite place for us to score killer deals and insert some age and character into our spaces. Today we’ve put together a few of our favorite quirky vintage pieces that will add some good old fashioned style to your home:


1. Make a bold graphic statement with these vintage art posters from Etsy shop OsbornWoods. Keep that old fashioned feel by displaying them on a line with clothespins (as seen) or get them framed for a sleeker look.

2. This pair of brass ram’s head bookends will not only keep your limited edition collection of Nancy Drew novels looking pretty, but would also look great alone on a desk or mantle. Don’t be afraid to paint them a fun color to make them really stand out!

3. Timeless design gets tricky with clocks but we’re sure this vintage farm clock will be perfect placed on your kitchen counter or inside a shelf. Take a closer look to notice the best part about it: the backside is an unexpected pop of mint green!

4. What better place to put your plant than in this doe planter? She’s durable enough to last in the garden or in the home and would look great holding a large succulent or a stack of pencils on your desk.

5. You can’t go wrong with a clean, mid-century piece such as this orange desk lamp. Unlike many vintage lamp finds, this lamp comes in great working condition and, as a bonus, the bulb is already included.

**Note: be sure to read any item description in detail before purchasing- some vintage lighting may need to be rewired.  If you have questions about a sale, contacting the Seller with questions is super easy.

6. A large vintage furniture piece such as this walnut dresser can really set the tone for the space. Keep your house from getting cluttered by letting the furniture speak for itself and keeping the knickknacks at a minimum.

7. We tend to forget that today’s design trends are usually a return of a previous fad, and these embroidered and ombre throw pillows are a perfect example. Stay current, the inexpensive way, by always looking for the trend source.

8. Vintage goes international with this moroccan rug. We love the primitive geometric lines that will anchor the space without making it look too busy.

9. The minimal lines of this magazine rack make it classic enough to go with any interior.  It’s integrated handle allows for easy transport when you want to grab that stack of books you’ve been meaning to crawl into bed and read.

10. Umbrellas aren’t the only thing this vintage stand is good for – place it in a foyer or awkward corner and turn it into an art piece to hold your vintage ruler collection or (as seen) those trendy indian arrows you just bought on impulse.

***Also be sure to follow our “Vintage Goodies” board on Pinterest to stay current with our latest online finds!

June 7th, 2012

Rethink Spotlight: Houzz Mentions


We are always pleased to see our work along with other innovative designs up on Houzz. Click on any photo below to take a look at some of the articles we have been featured in recently that also have some great design tips for your home:







June 6th, 2012

Wild Adventure Ahead

It looks like Elle Decor has been wandering alongside us in the safari and they’ve got their latest issue to prove it! You may recall our recent blog about home items inspired by a jungle safari and this week we are venturing even further into the wild.



The above Elle Decor snippet features busy animal prints and warm tones that put your home into the thick of things, which made us want to try our hand at creating a trendy safari look on a cooler scale that has a bit more longevity in the home. The end result gives you two very different ways of adding some jungle flair to any space while still maintaining your personal style. Check out another one of our takes on the safari theme:



1. Gazelle Bust – Anthroplogie’s animal busts have the versatility to be used in both child and adult spaces. What could be a fun singular element by a crib or above a changing dresser, could also turn into art installation in your living room when you buy these in multiples.

2. Zebra Tea Towel – The black and white lines of these zebra tea towels go with practically any design scheme. Play with folding them irregularly to abstract the obvious animal motif.

3. Palm Tree Prints – Add some scholarly charm to your space with these authentic botany prints. The palm tree illustrations allude to the safari theme in a subtle way. These color-neutral prints would look great as a pair side by side or collaged with practically any other fine art collection.

4. Gold Ombre Rug – Make a statement with this gold ombre rug. Placing a vibrant element on the floor adds a pop of color to a neutral room, and can easily be switched out to keep your room looking fresh on a budget.

5. Striped Pillow (Square) and 6. Striped Pillow (Horizontal) – These pillow cases are made from vintage kilim rugs and bring a textural element to any room. Whether placed on a sofa or lounge, you don’t have to worry about these classic lines clashing with your existing furniture. Are you all out of sofa real estate but still want more seating? Stack several of these on the floor for when you need them or have them become plush decor for when you don’t.

7. Square Lamp – The bamboo lines on this lamp are subtle and become a timeless piece when combined with a simple rectangle black shade.

8. Brass Alligator – What safari room is complete without a brass crocodile? Use this little guy as a topper for those top-notch design coffee table books or on your desk for some office flair.

9. Brass Hippo – This brass hippo is begging to keep your books in place. In no need of a bookend? Hippo art has no shame – place it on practically any surface for an instant conversation starter.

10. Leather Stool – The woven leather straps on this stool are the epitome of jungle goes functional. The best part about this chair is that it collapses into itself for easy storage when you’re not gathering the friends around to tell your latest safari tales.

11. Wire Basket – Need a place to store those life-saving jungle maps? This wire basket is perfect for holding magazines, towels, and even Monday’s fresh produce run.


Are you loving the latest safari buzz? Leave a comment below!


June 5th, 2012

Growing Up Gentleman – Nursery Ideas

With the incoming addition of a fifth Rethink member (yay!) there’s a lot of commotion going on around the studio about nursery things. Of course as our new addition is the second man in the office, we’ve got to make sure he is just as dapper as his Dad! Here are a few of the items we’ve put together that will have your tiny gentleman dreaming about the finer things in life: carriage rides, horse races, and of course, the rules of proper courting!


  • There’s no need to play into the typical baby stereotype of a pastel palette and plush toys.  For the child that is sure to grow up just as design conscious as his parents, we’ve included a fantastic new interpretation of a rocking horse (11) which serves as art just as much as it does fun.
  • Aptly named “A tip of the Hat and a Twist of My Mustache”, this super cute set of teething blocks (4) are just as fun to nibble on as they are to play with.  The locally harvested wood is naturally anti-bacterial and non-toxic so feel free to indulge your little man in this grown up set up blocks!
  • These toy boxes are made to look like vintage drink crates and the bright orange casters (10) add a pop of color to the otherwise mature boxes.  The crates would look just as great in a teen’s room, a dorm, or even your own living room.


Your future gentleman will be grooming his mustache in no time at all!



1. Checkered Bowtie

2. Mustache Poster

3. Gentleman Poster

4. Wooden Toys

5. Bicycle Pillow

6. Mustache Pillow

7. Numbers Poster

8. Cocktails Poster

9. Woven Rug

10. Crate Storage

11. Rocking Horse

12. Crib


Check out more nursery looks here!