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More than storage…repurposed cardboard lighting

Graypants, a company out of Seattle, is busy bringing new life to cardboard.  These pendants, better known as “scrap lights”, bring cardboard out of the realm of shipping material and elevate it to an elegant and functional source of light.  There are many different sizes and shapes available and all are made from repurposed cardboard boxes. I love that the various “grain” of the corrugated cardboard creates different lighting patterns and the inherent color of the cardboard itself only further adds to the warm glow of light.  It would be easy to go very wrong with an idea like this (good execution is everything) but the simple form of the pendants marries the casual materiality to create a perfect union.  These lights are perfect above a dining table or better yet as a large cluster in a restaurant.

Chalkboards aren’t just for children

There is just something about chalkboards that bring you back to childhood. It is sad to think with so many new products available, such as dry erase boards, kids today may not get to experience the “click”, “click”, and “SCREECH” associated with chalk. Or, witness the pounding of erasers and the clouds of dust left behind. But who’s to say all the fun is gone? There are many ways to keep chalk alive in your everyday life. Check out some of the ideas below for incorporating blackboards into your home, office and garden. Whether you like the look of white on a crisp black or if you find something nostalgic in the ghostly white wash left over after a cleaning – there is no doubt you’ll find an idea that suits your needs. If using labels – remember the more you have the higher the impact and the more organized…

Love it! John Corcoran Designs

We came across this designer on Etsy the other day and although he’s only got a few items available- we are LOVING them! This little lightbulb bud vase is the product of ingenuity and simplicity at its best.  I also love reading the story of the inspiration behind the design. Also, check out his fabulous closet shelf/hanging system.  I want one immediately (okay, make it 4).  I love the Scandinavian sort of vibe of the delicate metal framework and bleached wood.  Go check it out!

Project Breakdown: Mid-century modern in the 21st century

Our client lives in a 60’s ranch style house that surrounds a central courtyard.  Over the years various owners have added more traditional elements to the house but our client was hoping to restore it to it’s former mid-century glory.  We blended vintage with new to create a space that is both an homage to mid-century design and an example of a clean modern aesthetic. We scored the two mid-century Danish modern chairs from eBay which inspired the design of the two person sofa with the built-in coffee table and magazine holder. We designed the piece and had it fabricated by AWD in Savannah. The back wall consists of four teak panels running the full height of the wall paired with grey “floating” shelves. The screen in the corner was found locally and refurbished with a new column to create a focal point in the room. 1.  Vintage refurbished teak…