November 2010

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A Southern White Christmas

We’ve been busy lately… Consider it the end-of-year rush but we are in the midst of two large project installs and even managed to pull off a holiday photo shoot for Savannah Magazine. These photos are from our take on a “White Christmas” in Savannah.  The owners of Rethink are both from the North (ie. used to lots of snow during the winter) and so we tried out an idea to honor the idea of a White Christmas…but with a twist. If you  were to walk into our courtyard mid December you would find everything green and our many citrus plants with fruit on them- an image that is a bit odd if you’re used to leafless trees and snow blanketing everything. This scene shows a white ‘n bright holiday cocktail party set up.  While half of the elements incorporate more traditional winter ideas (eg. acorns, deer, tinsel trees) some…