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September 21st, 2010

Designer Pigs

Pretty cute right?  Pigs seem to be making their way out of the mud and into high end design.

From furniture to wallcovering- the pig is making it’s mark on design.

1. Bank in the Form of a Pig– not your everyday piggy bank; this pig has stepped out of the realm of cute and onto my coffee table.  It is available in multiple finishes and is actually cast from a real pig (after it died from natural causes of course).

2.  A door handle photographed by Owen Franken at a restaurant in Guijuelo, Spain.  It is a simple and elegant inspiration drawn from a town known for their ham.

3.  Pig table by Front.  I love that this little guy is not just a statement piece, but is functional too.  The black gloss makes the table more edgy than cute and would look at home in a feminine or masculine space.

4.  This giant pig by Jonathan Adler measures 29″ long by 17″ tall and makes a perfect footstool.  Although not as delicate as some of the others, there’s something charming and nostalgic about the chubby pig in worn leather.

5.  This wallpaper is part of a collaborative collection between ROLLOUT and David Palmercollection called Oh, that explains everything.  I love the whimsy and casual-with-just-a-hint-of-sarcasm feeling that I get from this paper.  The “just doodled” look of the pattern is offset by the mature colorway and I can’t wait to see this on a large wall in some hip deli.