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On Secrets From a Stylist

I loved Emily Henderson’s quirky layered style throughout this season of HGTV’s Design Star and in the end she won!  The pilot of her new show, Secrets From a Stylist, aired Sunday and featured the new LA home of Glee creator Ian Brennan.  What started out as a fairly empty white house was put through three stylistic transformations to create the perfect balance of the client’s style.  Not only do I think that it turned out great, but I also think that the premise of the show is such a good idea.  Throughout the show Emily offers useful bits of advice on how to create a stylized look that appears as though it has naturally evolved over time.  Luckily, if you missed the show, you can check out these decorating tidbits here. These are a couple of examples: • Traditionally, wall art is hung at eye level. When working with…

Easy Art Find

Even if you don’t have children don’t immediately discard the kids magazines that manage to make it to your doorstep.  This easy art find was found in Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and is priced at only $229 for the pair.  While the subject matter is somewhat whimsical, the stretched canvas is made up of a sepia toned graphic on top of a neutral ground- giving it a more mature look.  No need to take yourself too seriously- these prints add impact to your walls AND put a smile on your face.  Now that’s what I call bang for your buck!