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July 14th, 2010

Rethink spotted on other blogs!

As newbies to the blogging world, we are very excited to find that some of our work has been blogged about!

Bazaar of Serendipity posted the pictures of our DIY Sharpie wallpaper with great reviews!

We had to stage a master bedroom for an open house last year and wanted to create maximum impact with a VERY minimal budget.

We were also very short on time (ie. less than 24 hours) so we came up with a stencil to create a wallpaper versus having to try our hands at upholstering a headboard.

The large scale graphic is bold in size but subtle because we used gold sharpie to create the thin outlines.  Depending on the lighting in the room the gold can have a strong or very faint contrast.

The moral of this project is:  Don’t be afraid to get creative; you can often create an impact using regular items you may already have lying around the house!  We spent all of $22 so who cares if you want to paint back over it in four months?

Full House found our client’s kitchen on HGTV’s Rate My Space and the comments are so complimentary!

We posted some photos from the shoot when we first started our blog.  Its hard to go wrong with bright light, stunning photography, and a great view!  We designed the remodeling of this home two years ago and its amazing to see how far it’s come.

You can see more of our work posted on HGTV here

July 12th, 2010

Not your average white pendants

So often in design the color white is considered basic but these lights take it to the next level:

1.  Buffer Light by Graham & Green.  I love the pop of red cord against the creamy white porcelain    •    2.  Drop Pendants designed by Peter Bowles.  Bone china allows for an ambient glow through the simple shade and the lack of obvious hardware or connections makes for a very fluid shape    •    3.  Porcelain Bell Pendants by Roost.  Stylistically in keeping with Scandinavian design, the Edison bulbs speak to the purity of the thin white porcelain.

These guys are a bit more whisical in form for those who want to have a little fun with their space:

4.  Cup Light •    5.  Mason Jar light •    6.  Early Bird Light

Some more classic ideas:

7.  The Caravagio Pendant comes in 3 sizes (the largest being a whopping 27.5″ tall).  The fixture is also available in black with red cord    •    8.  The Shade Pendel Lamp has tiny holes scattered across the top, which allows a unique glow throughout the room.   Note: This light is made by Mater and adheres to their promise of ethical, sustainable and socially responsible design    •    9.  The Acquatinta Suspension Lamp is made from mouth-blown Murano glass.

July 8th, 2010

Round Dining Table Search

We fell in love with this table for a client recently…but unfortunately we would have to arrange shipping from England in order to get it.  The very clean and classic design is perfect for the Modern Natural look we are going for but as so often happens in the design world (based on price, lead time, or source) we are forced to look for a plan B.

Here are a few other options…

1.  Sunfish Table

2.  018 Atlantico Round Table

3.  Prouvé Guéridon Table

4.  Teepee Table

5.  Cherner Round Table