DIY organization

There is something so refreshing about seeing everything put away, lined up and labeled.  While we may not all have Martha Stewart’s knack for keeping everything “just so”, stylized organization is certainly not unattainable.

We have very limited space in our studio which means we have got to make the best of it.  By keeping things labeled we are able to find things more easily, and when in large quantities, can make a pretty big visual statement.

Two things we have A LOT of: magazines and fabric samples.

Here are the solutions we came up with.

For the magazine storage we purchased magazine boxes from Michael’s and then taped off the front on all 4 sides in order to create the label area.  We painted the “label” with chalkboard paint then took off the tape.  Last step: write labels!

Note: be sure to let the chalkboard paint cure or whatever you write on it may end up becoming semi permanent.

The fabric storage is made up of wire rack storage from Ikea.  We painted small boards with chalkboard paint, drilled holes, and attached to the wire with binder rings (you could also use twine, ribbon, etc).

The key to any sort of project like this is to keep things as consistent as possible.  Even though the labels on the magazine boxes aren’t all exactly the same size, the boxes are the same and they were all written by the same hand.   You get the idea…


  1. This is fabulous! Didn’t see an email address to contact you by…so I figure I’ll leave a comment here. I’m doing a round-up of fabric organization projects and I wondered if I could include a photo of this system and include a link to this page in my post? My email is thethinkingcloset {at} if you want to let me know if that’s okay. Thanks!

    The Thinking Closet

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