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June 25th, 2010

Love it! Lindsey Adelman

We first came across Lindsey Adelman at last year’s ICFF.

Her stunning and elegant light fixtures are sometimes reminiscent of hanging mobiles while others focus more on a juxtaposition of machined metal parts and blown glass.  They do, however, all have one thing in common: although their main purpose is as lighting, they serve equally as art.

The globes are customizable and as you can see in the first photo, some of the clear glass is accented with a dusting of gold.

Speaking of gold, check out the second shot which was most recently featured in the Sex and the City 2 movie.

The third photo is of one of her more recent works for Roll and Hill– a stunning candelabra which comes off as elegant, masculine, and just a little edgy all at the same time.

Lastly, Adelman’s website offers a diy light (you know we LOVE that!).  She lists out all of the hardware needed for the project and has step by step instructions to help you out along the way.  So, for those of us who can’t afford her other masterpieces, this is a pretty great solution.  Now if only I can learn to blow glass…

June 15th, 2010

DIY organization

There is something so refreshing about seeing everything put away, lined up and labeled.  While we may not all have Martha Stewart’s knack for keeping everything “just so”, stylized organization is certainly not unattainable.

We have very limited space in our studio which means we have got to make the best of it.  By keeping things labeled we are able to find things more easily, and when in large quantities, can make a pretty big visual statement.

Two things we have A LOT of: magazines and fabric samples.

Here are the solutions we came up with.

For the magazine storage we purchased magazine boxes from Michael’s and then taped off the front on all 4 sides in order to create the label area.  We painted the “label” with chalkboard paint then took off the tape.  Last step: write labels!

Note: be sure to let the chalkboard paint cure or whatever you write on it may end up becoming semi permanent.

The fabric storage is made up of wire rack storage from Ikea.  We painted small boards with chalkboard paint, drilled holes, and attached to the wire with binder rings (you could also use twine, ribbon, etc).

The key to any sort of project like this is to keep things as consistent as possible.  Even though the labels on the magazine boxes aren’t all exactly the same size, the boxes are the same and they were all written by the same hand.   You get the idea…

June 3rd, 2010

Trend – Round Mirrors

If there is one thing I have a design weakness for it is hardware.  For me it is all in the details!  You’ll see a wide range of hardware especially in things inspired by equestrian and nautical design.

There seems to be a current interest in playing up hardware on the mirror.  I’m not complaining…I love it!

This is a new product from Restoration Hardware and it is a fairly common form…but they’ve introduced the rope hanger.  The rope lends a somewhat casual air to the design but the large scale (about 3 ft diameter) packs a punch.

I hope you’ll enjoy these various interpretations as much as I do.

1. Arteriors 2. Jamie Young 3. BDDW 4. BDDW detail   5.  Casa Midy 6. Conde House

←I dont know if this is the original inspiration for all of these mirrors but it must at least be an influence.  This is Jacques Adnet’s mirror designed for Hermes during the mid century.  Many of his pieces show a specific interest in using hardware, leather, and a juxtaposition of hard and soft lines.  If you’re interested in seeing more of his work you can learn more here

June 1st, 2010


Bravo’s 9 by Design is a docu-series based on a NYC design firm called Sixx Design (Aptly named for their once 6 person family- now 9!).  The husband and wife team are known for fresh, hip spaces that blend high with low and vintage with modern.  These pics are from a redesign of a wrestling gym lounge and we noted their use of Tres Tintas‘ large scale Hexagono wallpaper.  Tres Tintas is a Barcelona based company that is committed to the vision of the “artist”.  They have a very wide range of visual styles produced by multiple different designers who have all worked in various fields (ie.  fashion, graphic design, illustration).

These 3 papers are from Tres Tintas’ Revival line and are based on designs from the 50’s and 60’s.