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ICFF: Wallpapers

Joel and Erika were in NYC last week for ICFF and came back toting lots of company and product literature.  Of course this meant I immediately had to go check out all of their websites to see what else they do.  These are just a few… Black Crow Studios is a custom wallpaper company that specializes in large scale wallpapers.  I think both installation shots show what an impact this type of work can have- where the boundaries of wallpaper and art have become blurred. Rollout also produces a lot of large scale wallpapers and their custom installation portfolio is quite thorough.  This is an interesting installation piece from a lottery house in Canada.  The writing is a poem by E.E. Cummings and I love that it appears as though there is writing on the back side as well.  The room is meant to be relaxing and a little romantic…

Love it! Wallpaper

I have always had a soft spot for Phillip Jeffries’ stunning grasscloth and other textured wallcoverings but now that he has added bold graphics to the mix I’m sold!  The new VOYAGE line offers a selection of handcrafted Manila Hemp, Linen, Japanese Paper Weave and Jute wallcoverings – all with large scale hand screened graphics.  The Rings and Chain Link are two of my favorites. Some other products I’d love to use in the future are Horsehair which is a “solid” grasscloth with beautiful and subtle color striations and Deco Wood which is a “herringbone” pattern created by alternating grasscloth and wood veneer on the bias.  I think both are really elegant with a  somewhat masculine take on the traditional grasscloth wallcovering.